The Ice Rink Control System (IRCS) is designed to control and monitor ice rink facilities to ensure a high quality ice surface during game-time while providing energy savings features making it possible to achieve system payback in less than two years.

The system uses distributed methodology to control and monitor the functions required in rink operation including: refrigeration equipment control, floor temperature, subfloor warming, exhaust fan, snow melt pumps and lighting.

A facility planner provides a monthly calendar to allow the operator to schedule compressor sequencer, chiller control setpoints and lighting levels on a daily basis for a full year. The system will support the definition of event usage set-points allowing the facility manager to tailor all temperature and lighting control set-points based on event setup groups to further simplify the scheduling process.

Several options are available for controlling and monitoring of real-time data from the IRCS. The use of a PC connection allows the use of the optional PC Monitor software. The software provides a user to access real-time graphics, overview of the system, historical log viewing, graphing, and report printing along with access to all screens on the IRCS control panel.

Remote, off-site, access is also available via modem and phone line or Ethernet TCP/IP address. All the functionality available with a local PC is available from the remote location.

The IRCS is a UL and cUL listed industrial control panel built to UL508A specifications.

The Ice Rink control system is available for a dual or single ice rink controller.

Features Include:

  • Reliable Microprocessor Based System
  • Single or Dual Rink Operation
  • LCD Graphic Display with Control Keys
  • Local and Remote PC Access (Modbus, Phone & IP)
  • Detailed Logging (Trend, Alarm, Failure & User)
  • Floor and Infrared Temperature Available
  • Sequencing of Compressors
  • Condenser Staging and Chiller Setup
  • Compressor Setup and Jacket Cooling Pump
  • Temperatures and Lighting Event Setup
  • Subfloor Warming, Snow Melt Pump & Exhaust Fan

The IRCS can control and/or monitor the following:

Event Usage Setpoints

  • Allows user to setup facility based on planned activity
  • Control/Alarm/Failure setpoints configured for each event
  • Lighting level configured for each event
  • 10 programmable events

Facility Planner

  • Allows user to schedule events for different days and times
  • 8 standard daily schedules per rink
  • Custom schedule available for each day
  • 8 time slots per schedule
  • Full year of monthly schedules per rink

Control for Reciprocating Compressors

  • Compressors will operate in Manual or Sequenced mode
  • The number of capacity stages and types will be configured from the display

Sequencer Control

  • Based on brine temp, floor temp or Infrared temp
  • Setpoint scheduling controlled by the facility planner
  • Separate setpoints for compressor capacity control
  • Additional first stage temperature offset and delay for starting lead compressor
  • Able to limit the number of compressors running

Condenser Control for Fans and Pumps

  • Option for a two-speed fan
  • Pumps may be configured as two separate or primary & standby
  • Monitoring of condenser pump and fan auxiliaries with alarms
  • Condenser stage can be forced on when compressor starts
  • Condenser is disabled if no compressors are running
  • Condenser pump forced on using a thermostat

Available Options

  • Refrigerant leak and gas detector with alarm
  • Control for one jacket cooling pump with Manual and Automatic Modes
  • Condenser Sump LLA with additional control
  • Computation of non condensables
  • Sub slab warming using a temperature sensor and pump
  • Exhaust fan control based on temp
  • Snow melt pump control