M&M control system products support the addition of a Windows-based PC Monitor software package. PC Monitor facilitates remote or on-site monitoring and modification of the control system product line. From any location, an operator can perform any task that can be done at the keypad of the microprocessor. The exact same screens can be viewed and all setpoints can be changed. The PC Monitor software comes in a full featured basic configuration and has various options which are available to further customize the product for a facility.

Basic Configuration

The basic configuration of PC Monitor provides a full suite of features as follows:

  • CCS Panel Interface (Replicates All Control Panel Screens – No Re-training)
  • System Alarms and System Logging
  • Automatic Downloading of Data to Local or Network Hard Drive
  • Includes Standard Screw and System Temperature Reports
  • Custom Report Generator
  • Automatic Printing of Selected Reports
  • Shift Reports
  • Supports Remote Transfer of Data Between PCs
  • Graph Plotting (Daily and Multi-Day)
  • Automatic Printing of Selected Graphs
  • Historical and Real-time Plotting of Data
  • Equipment Runtimes
  • Utilities
  • Communications
  • Networking
  • Setpoint Save and Restore (Recipe Function)
  • Diagnostics
  • Real-Time Graphics (Engine Room, Floor Plan, Etc.)
  • Pre-generated Standard Reports Customized to Meet System Configuration
  • Automatic Printing of Selected Reports
  • E-mail Notification of Alarms and/or Failures